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Finished portraits, sneak peeks, and behind-the-lens insights from some of my favorite sessions.


Samantha, a self-described “fashionista”, was a ton of fun to meet and photograph. She joined my team to represent Veritas Preparatory Academy, where she will graduate in 2017. “I joined your team because I thought it would be fun and rewarding”, she explained, “The Sandi Shipley models promote inner beauty, kindness, and friendship, and I […]

Smart and stylish, Saige is another Sunnyslope High School senior on my Team17! “I have a pretty amazing self-confidence, though it comes and goes, and I think my ability of channeling that into wanting to make other people confident is beautiful”, she shared, adding, “I love smiling, so I really wanted to be a part […]

This girl with the brilliant smile is one of four Sarah’s on my team this year! Although there may be four of them, each brings such bright color and life to my Team17. This gal is from Sunnyslope High School, where she manages to play three varsity sports, all while maintaining nearly all A’s! Besides […]

Riley is a graduate from Sunnyslope High School, and perhaps one of my only spokemodels who hates coffee! Ha! She may not like coffee, but she sure is talented and lovely. She wanted to be on my senior team, adding “I want to be a member of Team17 because I want a chance to show […]

Maria came across my social media feed, and immediately told me, “I want to be a member of your team because I love what you stand for and the message you send to all the girls who follow you on social media! it would be so exciting to work for you and be on your […]

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