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Finished portraits, sneak peeks, and behind-the-lens insights from some of my favorite sessions.


One of my favorite things to see when new clients come into my studio in Uptown Phoenix is the look on their faces when I show them my decked-out style closet! I’ll admit that I love that I have a reason to shop, and this closet is filled with some amazing outfits, shoes, and accessories […]

I don’t know about your Senior Portraits, but mine were done in the 1980’s. Big hair and even bigger props were the theme for many. I can still see my friends pictures, laying on a white backdrop with acid washed denim and next to huge plastic numbers. I went to a small catholic high school […]

The most common question from both girls and guys: What do I wear for my senior pictures? Let’s chat about a few options and ideas. Sure, most guys used to get Senior pictures done to make their moms happy. But lately I am seeing that change. Senior guys have lots of their own ideas about […]

There are a huge variety of emotions when we meet our clients; some are thrilled about the prospect of getting glammed up and striking a pose, and others cringe when they even think about their senior shoot. It can feel like an enormous amount of pressure to be in front of the camera with a […]

The four seasons: winter, spring, summer, or fall. These different moments through the year all can offer incredible perks when it comes to senior photos, and I enjoy shooting in all of them. Many seniors come to me and ask which is best for senior portraits, and I always encourage them to answer that question […]

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