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Finished portraits, sneak peeks, and behind-the-lens insights from some of my favorite sessions.


As a mom of a recent high school graduate, I know how important it is to find a photographer who can capture your daughter’s senior portraits in a way that she will love for years to come. That’s why I specialize in working with high school seniors. After getting to know teens for the past […]

Peace out Class of 2022! What a beautiful, inspiring, challenging, amazing year it has been. But you all made it through, congratulations GRADUATES! 52 Seniors (Both High School and College grads) 10 High Schools 2 Universities 1 Very happy Photographer Thank you so much for letting be be a part of your year. Here are […]

Meet the beautiful girls on my Class of 2020 Senior Team! We gathered on a hot September day for our first Team shoot with a Music Festival theme. Think Boho meets Coachella! I had been prepping for this shoot for some time by collecting clothing and cool accessories for my style closet. Vintage FreePeople jeans […]

If I asked you what sport Riley excels at, what would be your guess? Basketball? Tennis? Well you are right if you guessed swimming! This Class of 2021 graduate is heading to Texas to continue her swim career as a Longhorn! I love working with athletes. I am always so impressed with their dedication and […]

***APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR CLASS OF 2022***   You’ve heard the excitement, you’ve seen the images, but you’ve still got questions. You are at the right place! It’s just about that time when I open up the application process for Class of 2022 and start the search for my new Senior Team. Read below […]

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