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Finished portraits, sneak peeks, and behind-the-lens insights from some of my favorite sessions.


“Maybe People Are Nostalgic About High School Cause It’s, Like, The Last Time In Their Life That They Get To Dream.” Cassie Howard, Euphoria   Raise your hand if you’ve watched either season of Euphoria. I am just starting season 2 and WHOA. As a mom, I fast forward half of the show. Slightly above […]

Well hello, February! How did you get here so soon? The month has arrived where so many of us start thinking about Valentine’s Day. The pressure is on to have an IG worthy outfit and date planned! The comparison game goes hard this month and I know how it can make anyone feel less than. […]

If you’ve been following along on my blog at all you may have seen the 1st part of my shoot with Kaitlyn. We worked with her in 2 very different outfits because I wanted to focus on the different sides of a dancer. One one hand, they are strong, powerful and fierce athletes who push […]

If you been following along on my blog, you may have seen the first Part of the Red Dress shoot that we did with Katie. I purposefully selected 2 very different girls from my Senior Team to participate in these shoots with me! I really wanted to show how varied the styling of one dress […]

In December of 2016 I was one of 12 photographers selected to participate in a year long styled shoot adventure based on a simple idea. Each one of us, all in different parts of the country, would have one month during 2017 to carry out a shoot planned around a stunning red sequined dress. I […]

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