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Finished portraits, sneak peeks, and behind-the-lens insights from some of my favorite sessions.


Meet the beautiful girls on my Class of 2020 Senior Team! We gathered on a hot September day for our first Team shoot with a Music Festival theme. Think Boho meets Coachella! I had been prepping for this shoot for some time by collecting clothing and cool accessories for my style closet. Vintage FreePeople jeans […]

What’s so special about the Class of 2019? Well, it’s full of young people I am so proud to know, but more than that, they all have such a clear vision of where they are going in life, and who they are. That’s something they will carry with them well into adulthood, and that wisdom […]

Every parent has big dreams for their child, but I don’t think there is one as big as the dream to see them succeed and remember their own worth. I know as a mom, I want my children to remember Who’s they are, and who they are…it’s important to me that they feel confident and […]

Confidence is the best thing a high schooler can wear for their senior session. It is the thing that shows the most clearly, in each and every image! But when you don’t feel confident, what are you to do? Here are a few ways to boost your confidence when you may not feel your best: […]

Word of mouth is one of the best ways that photographers fill their schedules up! I feel so blessed to have many clients who are eager to share what they’ve loved about the SSP experience, but I know it hasn’t come without work and sacrifice. I’ve spent several years honing in on what my clients […]

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