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Finished portraits, sneak peeks, and behind-the-lens insights from some of my favorite sessions.


Graduation is filled with new adventures, and is a season that’s filled with many more to come. College is a grand adventure of course, but for some, life after high school means a new job or moving out, or starting a trade school…or even taking a year off. I enjoy hearing about all the many […]

What’s so special about the Class of 2019? Well, it’s full of young people I am so proud to know, but more than that, they all have such a clear vision of where they are going in life, and who they are. That’s something they will carry with them well into adulthood, and that wisdom […]

All of my senior spokesmodels apply for a coveted spot. I hate, HATE turning anyone down, but it’s also important to me that every single member of my team will mesh well with the ideas of community, friendships, and inclusivity that have shaped what we do here at SSP. When Elisa applied, she mentioned that […]

Some people think that senior photos are simple. They seem pretty formulaic; simply take a cute girl, add a fun location, and some boutique clothing, and voìla! But adding the three elements together means nothing if you don’t take into account the emotions and feelings that should be front and center of your senior session. […]

Lucky you, you get to meet Taylor today! She is Maddie’s twin (see the last blog for reference), and is another knockout beauty, sensitive soul, and amazing young lady. When her friend Sarah became part of my SSP team, it really sparked Taylor’s interest in our unique program. “I started looking into it, and from […]

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